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Introducing Our Nappy Pods – Your Ultimate Cloth Nappy Essentials

When it comes to practicality and staying organised on the go, Our Nappy Pods and Wet Bag are your must-have companions!

Our Nappy Pods are designed to carry your clean Cloth Nappies while you’re out and about, or to help you keep your cloth nappies organised for daycare.

These pods are designed to hold a day’s worth of reusable nappies. Created with practicality in mind they feature a waterproof fabric made of PUL material for extra durability, they serve as both wet and dry bags, offering incredible versatility. Whether you need to store clean and dry clothes, soiled and wet items, used bibs or face washers, swim gear, daycare essentials, sandy beach toys, and more, Our Nappy Pods have you covered.

Our Pod Wet Bag is the essential accessory for parents on the move. The convenient carry handle features a push-button clip, allowing you to effortlessly attach it to your pram, nappy bag, backpack, or hang it on your changing table. It’s perfectly sized at 25.5 x 15.5 x 15.5cm and can securely hold up to 8 cloth nappies, making it an ideal overnight stash or daycare storage system. Designed with super durable PUL, it ensures long-lasting protection.

Stay organized, stylish, and prepared for all your parenting adventures with Our Nappy Pods and Pod Wet Bag, where practicality meets quality.