Breast Ice – Heat Packs


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Soothing warmth (makes it easier to comfortably nurse or express milk) or cooling relief (reduces swelling and tenderness associated with engorgement, mastitis, blocked ducts)

Cool / Heat Breast Pack
two breast ice and heat gel packs with washable covers
safe, non-toxic gel is BPA and BPS free
natural, non-synthetic washable cover
ergonomic segmented design provides 360° relief
soft, supple, non-toxic gel beads mould to the contour of your breast for targeted relief
pliable when frozen
can be used with a breast pump
neutral colour, ideal for wearing under light coloured clothing
suitable for all breast sizes
easy to heat and cool
Ice Therapy
helps relieve the discomfort of engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis
Heat Therapy
encourages heathy let down, increasing the flow of milk
Directions for Use
COOL: place in freezer (without cover) for at least 2 hours
HEAT: place in the microwave (without cover) for 10-15 seconds, if needed heat for an additional 5 seconds in intervals, until desired temperature is achieved
once cooled/heated, place in a cover and place on the breast
do not use for longer than 20 minutes per application
clean with mild soapy water after each use
when not in use, store in the freezer to prolong product life
do not use for any longer than 20 minutes per application
do not apply directly onto the skin
always use a clean cover
always test gel pack temperature prior to application
do not leave in reach of children
discard product if punctured or after 12 months
for external use only