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  • 1 x OSFM Pocket Nappy
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Product Descriptions

Archer & I Cloth Nappies designed or comfort, convenience, and sustainability.

Our Cloth Nappies are carefully designed to grow with your little one from birth to toilet training whilst providing the utmost comfort and leak free protection for your baby every day.

Each Cloth Nappy purchase includes:

– 1 Nappy Shell

– 1 Insert (of your choice)

Our Nappy Shell feature a soft, water-resistant exterior for superior leak protection. Inside, a pocket made from bamboo charcoal fleece offers gentle and dry contact against your baby’s delicate skin with an internal gusset providing extra leak protection. The bamboo charcoal inner creates a protective barrier between your baby’s skin and the nappy insert, allowing moisture to pass through and be absorbed, ensuring dryness and comfort. Significantly reducing the likelihood of nappy rash.

We offer a variety of cloth nappy Inserts, so you can customise the level of absorbency required for your little one. All of our inserts are made from high quality natural fibres, such as hemp and bamboo in order to provide maximum absorption. Simply slide the insert into the pocket of the shell to create the perfect reusable nappy system.

Archer & I Cloth Nappies are proudly Australin designed, owned and tested by thousands of families, offering quality and reliability you can trust.  Many of our prints have been designed by local Australian, Indigenous, and global artists, transforming each nappy into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, exclusively yours to cherish while supporting other small businesses.


Our modern cloth nappies are designed to suit babies from birth to toilet training (approximately 4kg -18kg), offering a versatile fit. With three rows of rise snaps, they provide a customised fit around the legs, ensuring comfort for newborns through to the chubbiest of little thighs.



Three rows of front snaps: allowing size customisation to fit from birth to potty training

Natural Fiber Inserts: for thirsty absorption

Pocket style: for quick and easy nappy changes





Outer Layer: Waterproof PUL

Inner Layer: Bamboo Charcoal Fleece

Inserts: 100% bamboo


Care Instructions

Ensure the longevity of your Archer & I Cloth Nappies with these simple care instructions:

  1. Flush solids into the toilet if possible and hand rinse briefly to avoid smells prior to washing.
  2. Store in an open, non-porous basket or bucket with high air flow, such as a small laundry basket.
  3. Pre-wash nappies daily in a warm short cycle with half the recommended detergent for a normal load to remove excess poo and wee.
  4. When you have enough nappies to fill your machine (2/3 full), run a long hot wash (40-60 degrees Celsius) with the recommended detergent for heavy soiling.
  5. Line dry the nappies, although inserts can be tumble dried.

By following these care instructions, you’ll keep your Archer & I Cloth Nappies fresh, clean, and ready for your little one’s next adventure.

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